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Conversation and thematic courses: learn by talking!

Among the many courses that are successful and constantly growing are our conversation courses and thematic courses.

Shorter, based on original methods and on content created by our team, these courses are designed to improve your speaking confidence, to encourage you to discuss and debate around various and current topics.

Conversation classes: talk, talk, talk!

The idea behind the creation of conversation classes is simple: to offer students a material and educational environment that allows them to practice the language, to express themselves.

Divided into three levels, these courses promote the integration and active participation of all students, thanks to various themes around, for example, science, culture or the environment.

The three courses currently offered are:

  • Thematic course A2: for people who have completed or are about to complete level A2. Revise your knowledge with conversation activities, games, and some grammatical revisions to be better prepared for entering B1.

  • Level B1 conversation course: simple oral communication on subjects of personal interest for people who simply express themselves in French on familiar subjects, have a B1 level and wish to maintain oral skills. A friendly course to gain confidence in speaking!

  • Conversation course level B2-C1: easy and structured oral communication on various subjects, for people with level B2+ and who wish to maintain both their oral and grammatical skills.

To register for one of these courses, click here.

Thematic courses: fill up on knowledge while rehearsing your language level!

Based on a particular theme (literature, history, music), our thematic courses have a double objective: to make you discover a new facet of French/Francophone culture while helping you in your learning of French! In short: new/original courses, whose content is created by our team of specialists, which will delight your curiosity!

The three courses currently offered are:

  • History of France and the French: easy and structured oral communication on the history of the French, for people who have a B2 or C1 level, a soul of historian and investigator about the reputation of France and the French. A course to approach the history of France in an interactive and friendly setting!

  • French literature: a course for literature lovers who wish to discover new experiences through the literary references that make the news in the French-speaking world. For people who want to read a novel and analyze it in a group every week, while taking part in writing workshops.

  • Singing in French: Baudelaire, his poetry and music. A journey into 19th century French art, through an interactive course for all those who love poetry, song and more generally French art and who have a level of French allowing them to easily participate in a discussion.

To register for one of these courses, click here.

How do I know my level?

To find out your level before registering, remember to read our article “what is my level?” and take our free placement test!

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