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Why is our immersive teaching method so efficient?

At Fransk kulturhus, the teachers teach in French from the very first day. Here are the reasons why our learning method is so efficient.

Language bath (also called immersion)

It requires several hours of listening for a child to learn his or her mother tongue. By comparison, can you imagine learning a foreign language without being able to hear the musicality/tone of the language regularly?

The aim of the language bath method (also called in immersion) is to put into practice methods related to listening which are essential in daily life situations, useful throughout the learning of French and of course efficient in the memorisation process. 

Some specific aspects

The important aspects of our methods are the following:

  • To be confident in daily life situations: greetings, asking for information, family context, conferences, etc.
  • To observe the speaker’s gestures and expressions
  • To listen to the intonations and pauses in the language
  • To identify repetitions and transparent words that are similar to words in another language you understand, and thus promote and facilitate inter-cultural exchanges and discussions on etymology
  • To listen to songs to develop your vocabulary, or to systematize the use of structures in French
  • To integrate popular French card or board games into learning in order to facilitate language’s practices.
  • To accept the fact that you may not understand everything at the beginning
  • To reformulate in order too verify that you understood correctly

A method also proven efficient with kids

And for the children:

  • To use picture and gesture cards to explain words without using Norwegian
  • To always be supported by reassuring methods that allow children to identify himself with the characters
  • To listen to songs and stories to integrate French speaking cultures into learning

Our teachers have developed methods to help you understand the teaching content even if you are a beginner and they speak French.

Trust yourself and benefit from your course in immersion at Fransk kulturhus!

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