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Focus on our literature course: a unique experience!

Every week, lovers of French-speaking literature meet as part of our thematic course “Literature B2”. The objective of the course is simple: discover novels that are making the news in France or rediscover great classics from a different angle.

How does the literature course work?

At each course session (= 8 courses of 75 minutes), all participants read the same book (= “red thread” reading). Each week, you will be asked to read so many pages, in a progressive logic. With your teacher Gilles, himself an author and passionate about literature, you will thus engage in each session with stylistic analyses, thematic in-depth studies or theoretical debates around passages of the book. With the help of practical exercises, a reading sheet specially designed for you and additional media (press reviews, interviews with the author of the book, explanatory videos), you will acquire the tools necessary for understanding and master a critical reading of the novel; writing context, historical and philosophical references or writing techniques will no longer hold any secrets for you!

A course in which you are the actor

In parallel with the red thread reading analysis, you will participate in various practical exercises that will allow you to improve your mastery of the French language and writing techniques. During the 8 weeks of the course, you can for example:

  • Write your own thriller/essay
  • Play writing-type games
  • Improve your vocabulary related to literature
  • Learn exciting things about great French-speaking authors

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at all people who like to read and whose level of French allows them to read a novel written in the language of Molière (beginning B2 and +). Thanks to our camera system integrated into the classroom, you can participate in the course in person or from home by videoconference.

Where can I buy the book used in class?

The novel chosen for the literature course is available from our partner Norli – universitetsgata 22-24 in Oslo. It can also be ordered for mailing by contacting the book store.


I’m learning a lot from my work in class. We read a book that is unlike any other, and the course is very good and also fun!


What a pleasure to continue this course!


Thank you again for this very interesting literature course!


Ready to join the course? Choose your course period by clicking right here.

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