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Hadeland High School visiting Fransk kulturhus

On Friday, April 14, we received the visit of French classes from Hadeland High School for an educational immersion on the theme of French comics. Nearly 3 hours of activities and discussions around this essential French-speaking cultural product.

Discover a French-speaking cultural product

French immersion begins as soon as students enter our cultural center. Teenagers and their teacher are welcomed and made feel at home by pedagogical team members. Thanks to our icebreaking activities, there is always room for unexpected discoveries and good humor, which makes up for an excellent warm-up for the rest of the program.

From the first minutes, the 30 high school students discovered the main characters of French-speaking comics. Astérix and Obélix, Boule and Bill, Tintin, Lucky Luke, Yoko Tsuno, Spirou and Fantasio, Titeuf… so many essential heroes highlighted through activities promoting conversation and description in French.

The Fransk kulturhus library at the center of the experience

Thanks to the hundreds of comics available in our library, the students were able to use physical resources, read passages from the most famous works and observe the differences in style between different authors. In small groups, they worked on the themes of the comics and expressed, in French, their personal preferences and opinions.

Balance between personal and group activities and speaking, collaborative and competitive strategies…everything is designed so that students share a rewarding and enriching experience, and so that the class feels tighter and motivated again.

The students made their own comic

Thanks to our educational resources, the students, divided into small groups, drew and wrote their own comic strip, all in French! Story around ghosts, pirates, a talking tree, a vampire… The groups were not lacking in creativity and the result was both funny and coherent from a syntactical point of view. In short, this written and oral expression activity allowed all students, regardless of their level, to actively participate in a collective project and to use the French language in a fun situation!

French as a language of study and work

This immersion often acts as a trigger for these teenagers who sometimes realize for the first time the unique possibilities that knowledge of French offers them.

Beyond the social and cultural side with which they are often familiar, they then discover study or career prospects in French-speaking countries, and the official tests and diplomas allowing them to validate their French language skills (TCF, DELF-DALF ) and that they can switch to Fransk kulturhus.

Thank you to the students and teachers of Hadeland High School for their visit and their good mood!

Discover their great school: 

Prepare your next “fransk fagdag” with Fransk kulturhus!

These immersion pedagogical days have been very successful since we launched this unique concept during the pandemic, a concept that we continue to enrich and adapt to best meet the needs of school audiences and their teachers.

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